2011 Social Media Highlights
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2011 Social Media Highlights

Top Social Media Networks from 2011 and where every business should plan to spend time and money in 2012.

    1. Facebook. 3 out of 4 social network users are on Facebook, making it the most popular social media network in 2011. Facebook accounts for 15% of the time spent online globally.
    2. YouTube.  Online video consumption and engagement continues to grow.  Every business should consider how to use videos to engage customers in 2012 both on YouTube and on their website.  Videos get extra love from Google in search results.
    3. LinkedIn.  As of 3Q2011, LinkedIn had 131.2 million members, an 63% increase from last year.  Use LinkedIn advertising to target specific segments to match your marketing personas.  Provide regular business updates and share useful information.
    4. Twitter. Twitter continues to be where people go to for the latest news, for what’s happening with people, sports, businesses etc.

    1. Google+. With over 90 million users, Google+ will continue to affect search engine visibility for every business. The Search Plus Your World (search+) algorithm customizes the results based on the Google+ user to deliver a more personal experience. It’s safe to say that Google SERPs will give more weight to businesses that actively use Google+.

    1. Blogs. Relevant, sharable company blogs have the ability to feed social media and build trust with customers, all in addition to aiding SEO efforts. Nonetheless, blogs remain underutilized by many companies.
    2. Social Media is for everyone. Every age group spends time communicating via social media. Interesting to note that women are spending more time online than males.

    1. Mobile. Smartphones and tablets support social media engagement and keep you connected to customers. Across mobile operating systems and age groups, Facebook is the #2 site or app accessed. With Google Search being the #1 site visited can you afford not to have a mobile website?