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Google Loves Mobile Websites: Optimize or Lose Ranking!

The Internet is Officially Mobile The majority of internet users are no longer tied to desktop computers. In 2011 just 31% of web traffic was generated by mobile devices. According to comScore (a digital trends research firm), mobile usage currently represents over 60% of all web...

Is Your Social Voice Heard on Mobile?

If you’ve not heard it already, the search engine giant is redefining it’s algorithms to prioritize mobile search. Why the huge change in attitude toward the mobile web? Americans are cutting cords in a big way. The rise of mobile devices has literally revamped the...

Mobile Optimization Now Impacts Search

The search King, Google, has once again revised how its users will find your content. Will your website be ready? In short, Google’s announcement makes it clear that websites which are correctly structured to take advantage of mobile traffic will enjoy better ranking in search...