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Humanize Your Brand

What Fans Want to Know About You Social media engagement is something of a white elephant for most companies. Statistics and success stories highlight other brands creating tremendous momentum and generating shocking ROIs on social endeavors but many businesses just aren’t quite sure how to do...

Is Social Important?

You still see it in the movies (and tight-knit neighborhoods): a customer walks into a store and is greeted by name by the owner, assisted with their needs, and sent on their way feeling good about whatever it was they just purchased. It turns out...

Is Your Social Voice Heard on Mobile?

If you’ve not heard it already, the search engine giant is redefining it’s algorithms to prioritize mobile search. Why the huge change in attitude toward the mobile web? Americans are cutting cords in a big way. The rise of mobile devices has literally revamped the...

Google+ Fundamentals

Repost: Engage with other pages within your industry and community; share their content. Find your hook:  Think about what your potential customers and followers might be interested in hearing, learning, knowing. Find a topic that works for you and stick with it. Promote your page: Use your...

The Future of Sharing

Beyond shares its predictions about the Future of Sharing. We share some insights to help brands and businesses know how to tap into this billion dollar business. Give Something Away Roughly 60% of individuals using  social media platforms today have said they would be willing to post...